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                            Huamei Ge Rui Glass Wool Products Co., Ltd. is a professional and well-known Hebei thermal insulation cotton manufacturer. It is located in Dacheng County, Hebei Province, the hometown of thermal insulation materials. The company has been focusing on research, development and production of glass wool sheets and glass wool felts for many years. Centrifugal glass wool and other insulation products, our company"s high standards require every employee, insist on the production of high-quality insulation products, a full range, Hebei centrifugal glass wool price concessions, suitable for a variety of steel structure plant construction, roof insulation, etc., for thousands Ten thousand home buildings, office buildings, and factory buildings have brought warmth.

                            Our insulation cotton manufacturers have made the glass wool board and other insulation materials exported to all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China with perfect service and high quality products. Hebei centrifugal glass wool is widely used in the Beijing Olympic Stadium (Bird"s Nest) and Capital International Airport No. 3 The buildings and projects such as the terminal building, the National Grand Theater, the Beijing-Tianjin High-speed Railway and the Shanghai World Expo Park are also exported to Europe, America, Africa, Russia, Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia.

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                            Main items: Insulation cotton, Hebei centrifugal glass wool, glass wool board, etc. Insulation cotton manufacturer national hotline: 13172121168
                            Address: Liugezhuang Industrial Park, Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei Province
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